don’t let another review disappear

You work hard and provide a quality service. To ensure customer satisfaction you go over and beyond for each and every client. Because of this, you have received a great review which will, in turn, earn you more customers and reviews. Right? Right.

Only today you discover some or all of those hard-earned reviews have disappeared. Vanished.

Sound familiar?

Tired of receiving an amazing review only to see it disappear? Review Harvester as our name suggests is a harvester of reviews. While you are doing what you do best, running your business; we scour the web for all your existing google reviews.

We separate the good from the bad, format them and securely place all your reviews in a searchable database. We then place them at your fingertips to display on your company websites. Use them in marketing materials. The possibilities are endless.

And the best part, we capture all future reviews as well. You will never lose another review.