Terms of Service, Agreement and Guarantee

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Our agreement is simple and to the point, and based upon your company name that you provide us with at the time of sign-up

We agree to collect your current Google Reviews for placement/display on your website. We will harvest the google reviews based on the company name that you provide us with. We provide you with the required links, passwords, license and you or your website designer places the required Iframe or code on your web-pages.

We agree to continue to collect any new reviews that appear at Google Reviews based upon the company name that you originally provided.

You can cancel your plan at any time, and there are no refunds or partial refunds. After payment has been verified, work will immediately begin to harvest your reviews, and scripts will be created for your display on your webpages.

We are providing you with a service that requires real people to gather your reviews and real people to create the required scripts that you will use at your pleasure.

There are no limitations on how many pages you can utilize to display your reviews, however, all pages must be on your website.

If the subscription is canceled, review harvesting will stop, and upon reactivation, the initial start-up fee will be required.

We have a clear refund policy: there are no refunds or partial refunds. We provide a service that entails gleaning your Google Reviews from Google Map Places. Reviews are automatically processed unless service has been interrupted by non-payment.

Refunds will not be given for any reason, including your lack of usage of our services, or if you can not display your reviews based on your website, webpage or your web designer lack of usage or refusal to utilize your harvested reviews,

You can also utilize your direct connection to our Review Harvester Server with direct links to your reviews or utilize links in an iframe.